Permanent solution in non-surgical beauty.
Known outdated medical methods which produce non-permanent results are finally made obsolete thanks to the miracle of Plasmalite® and Omnilight®. The nightmare of aging which haunt all women is finally ending thanks to the non-surgical, ache free and painless method practised by M.D. Hasan Subasi.
Using the state-of-the-art technological miracle Plasmalite® and Omnilight®  first brought to Turkey by  M.D. Hasan Subasi, he can perform in 3 to 5 sessions, facial revitalisation using non-invasive methods. After a slight redness and swelling for about 30 minutes following the session, there are no requirements for any dressing of the treated area. Having no side effects and not interrupting the daily routine, this process can even be applied during the lunch break.
Light applied to the skin using the FPL system (Fluorescent Pulsed Light), Pro-Facial application (Skin Rejuvenation) is a painless and the safest method accepted throughout the world, which also produces visible results after the first application. In this process, a sapphire stone about the size of a matchbox through which the fluoresant light passes makes contact with the skin, the light penetrates under the skin and has beneficial effects for a number of symptoms.
Plasmalite® and Omnilight® provides permanent solutions for:
Wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, dark areas under the eyes, acne, fine lines & wrinkles, reduction of pores, red scars, facial vascular lesions (spider veins)
Hands: Tightening of tissue, removal of spots
Body: Safe treatment of all types of skin blemishes, treatment of cracks due to pregnancy and deformation, removing traces of earlier operations, removal of tattoo and freckles (hyperpigmentation) and permanent hair reduction.
In permanent hair reduction, Omnilight is the fastest, most effective and painless method.